The DECRA Line

The DECRA Line
The DECRA Line

The DECRA Line

Beauty that captivates. Strength that protects.

The most durable roof in the industry.

When your customers are ready for nothing less than the best roof in the industry they’re ready for a DECRA roof.

DECRA is the original stone-coated metal roof made in North America. Neither traditional roofing materials nor imitation metal roofing products can match the strength of DECRA’s stone-coated steel, and DECRA backs their products with the industry’s best warranty.

Available at Roofmart*! You can rely on DECRA’s impeccable product quality standards to provide the strongest, most durable roof without compromising the elegance and sophistication of your customer’s home.

The DECRA Styles


The durability and unsurpassed strength of stone-coated steel requires little to no maintenance and won’t turn grey after a few months like traditional shake. 

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DECRA Shingle XD®

provides the thick-cut edges and deep, distinctive shadow lines of architectural shingles at half the weight and with the strength and longevity that only stone-coated steel can offer.

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DECRA Villa Tile

Traditional tiles are prone to hail impact, storm debris damage, and can absorb up to 15% of their weight in water. Durable, lightweight, and a true barrel tile, DECRA Villa Tile provides effortless elegance with the strength of steel.

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provides the essential scalloped beauty of Mediterranean tile without the vulnerability of clay or concrete tiles.

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provides the same distinctive rich, thick, and heavy beauty of cedar shakes with durability to effortlessly and elegantly endure in all climate conditions.

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