Contractor Services

We are more than just a showroom and warehouse!

Delivery Services

Everything from rooftop to ground drop

Where you need it. when you need it

When safe and professional services are needed, we deliver. We offer multiple solutions for siding, ground drop, or rooftop deliveries. Every driver is fully equipped, trained, and licensed to properly transport products.

  • Commercial crane delivery
  • Residential pre-load rooftop delivery
  • Ground drop services

Contact us or call your local sales representative for more detail on our delivery capabilities.

Financial Services

Create an account with us to maximize business experience.

Don’t have an account with us and want to start one?

To apply for a cash or credit account, please ensure you have your documents ready in order to complete your application accurately. After your application is submitted, it will be sent to our credit operations team to review.

Electronic Payment Methods

Our customers have the option of paying electronically by Online Banking(Payee) or EFT(Bank to bank transfer).

Contact your local branch for more information.

Metal Shop Services

If you can draw it, we can bend it

We can create or bend custom metal for your specific exterior building needs with our highly skilled and trained personnel, equipment and products.

Take advantage of our services for your high volume flashing requirements.

All you need to start is a drawing and contact your local branch*.


*Metal shop services vary between locations.

Atelier de métal

Tapered Services

Tapered insulation solution for any flat roof design

Roofmart provides full-service taper and cricket design to contractors with IKOTherm 25 psi panels in 1%, 2%, and 4% options.

We have 3 ways to provide this service:

  • Site measure (by location)
  • PDF plans provided
  • Or a drawing from the roofer

We develop professional tapered insulation packages which help eliminate ponding water and aid in the thermal value of any roof system. We can help you correct low spots, ponding water, drainage issues, etc. on any of your flat roofing projects.

Our packages are built in-house and a laminated layout key is sent with the package delivered to the site.

Available for both new construction and re-roof applications.

Contact your local branch for more information on tapered services.