Announcing the New Line of Hip & Ridge Plus™ Colours!


IKO Hip & Ridge Plus New Colours!

IKO Hip & Ridge Plus™ Ridge Capping has 16 BRAND NEW colours!

New colour blends better compliment IKO’s line of Architectural, Performance, and Premium shingles.

IKO introduces new complementary colour choices to co-ordinate with the colour blends of IKO’s most popular laminated shingles. Now you can offer this time-and-labour-saving finishing touch in a larger range than ever before!

Perforated Design for Quick Seperation. Three Pieces Out of One Shingle.

Why waste time cutting up shingles to protect those vulnerable hip and ridge areas? IKO has a better-looking, much easier alternative with Hip & Ridge Plus™ cap shingles. They are lightweight and perforated to give you 3 pieces from one shingle. Hip & Ridge Plus™ cap shingles feature an IKO-SBS modified adhesive sealant for maximum wind protection.

  • They’re quicker – Less time spent means more money saved! Lightweight and perforated with a pre-cut tapered headlap to give you three pieces, each 333 mm (13 1/8”) by 337 mm (13 1/4”). By spending less time cutting, you’ll save on labour costs.
  • They’re safer – Everyone benefits from a tidier job site! Because the pieces are pre-trimmed, your installers won’t be slipping or tripping over cut scraps of shingle. Homeowners will appreciate a cleaner job site, too.
  • They look better – Get great-looking results every time, in less time! No more uneven cuts. Because these cap shingles are pre-tapered, installers will be able to follow straighter application lines more consistently. If the profile requires dimensional depth, simply use a double layer.

New Codes

Black – 4992007

Dual Black – 4950002
Glacier – 4950150
Shadow Slate – 4950144

Charcoal – 4992168

Charcoal Grey – 490068
Castle Grey – 4950086
Regal Stone – 4950080

Wood – 4992174

Driftwood – 4950033
Appalachian – 4950148
Mountain Slate – 4950142
Taupe Slate – 4950031
Chalet Wood – 4950030

Shake – 4992172

Weatherwood – 4950034
Cornerstone – 4950056
Harvest Slate – 4950030

Blue5,6 – 4992115

National Blue – 4950119

Brown – 4992020

Dual Brown – 4950021

Cedar – 4992169

Earthtone Cedar – 4950029

Gold – 4992169

Biscayne – 4950149

Green – 4992040

Vintage Green – 4950147

Grey – 4992170

Dual Grey – 4950062

Merlot – 4992171

Pacific Rim – 4950151

Red – 4992050

Riviera Red – 4950147

Redwood – 4992108

Aged Redwood – 4950057

Sandcastle – 4992176

Sedona – 4950152

Slate – 4992064

Harvard Slate – 4950059


  • Size: 1 m x 337 mm (39 3/8″ x 13 1/4″)
  • Coverage/Pkg: 9 linear m (29 1/2 linear ft.)
  • Qty/Pkg: 21 x 3 = 63


  • ASTM D3018
  • ASTM D3161
  • ASTM D3462
  • E108 Class A
  • ASTM D3161
  • CSA A123.5


View our Hip & Ridge Plus brochure here!


To ensure complete satisfaction, please view several full size ridge caps and an actual roof installation prior to final colour selection as the shingle swatches and photography shown online, in brochures and in our app may not accurately reflect shingle colour, and do not fully represent the entire colour blend range, nor the impact of sunlight. 

¹All values shown are approximate. All IKO shingles except Cambridge IR are shown here. Only UltraHP IR high profile hip and ridge should be used with Cambridge IR.
²Please consult detailed installation instructions prior to installation.
³Blue granules may fade after extensive exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

NOTE: Please note that these Hip & Ridge Plus™ Cap Shingle colours are complementary blend matches. Refer to IKO’s colour chart on their brochure here for details.  Product and colour availability may vary by region. Please contact IKO for details. Product and colour availability may vary by region. The information in this literature is subject to change without notice. We assume no responsibility for errors that may appear in this literature.

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