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Hi‑Def Beauty. Weather or Not.

Extreme weather calls for extreme weather protection. And Nordic’s unique combination of superior wind and impact-resistant features makes it one of the top performing asphalt shingles on the market.

Nordic derives its impact resistance from a coating of polymer-modified asphalt, which acts as a shock absorber to cushion your roof from impacts from hail.*² The coating is applied to IKO’s heavy-duty fibreglass mat, and the resulting combination provides superior weather resistance, even in cold weather.

Their special 1 1/4 inch reinforced nailing area (the ArmourZone) ensures incredible fastening power. They’ll help resist nail pull‑through even in high winds and carry a wind limited warranty¹ with the use of only four nails.

IKO’s achieved a high‑definition appearance for IKO Nordic shingles by combining their advanced colour‑blending technology with deep shadow bands for added dimension. The result? Now, you can have the high‑end look and visual texture of genuine wood shakes or slate tiles without the high‑end price.

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  • Dimensions (L x W): 40 7/8 in (1,038 mm) x 13 3/4 in (349 mm)
  • Exposure: 5 7/8 in (149 mm)
  • Coverage Per Bundle: 33 1/3 ft² (3.1 m²)
  • Qty Per Pallet: 56
  • Bundles Shingles Per Square: 60
  • Limited Warranty1: 130 mph (210 km/h)
  • Iron Clad Protection1: 15 Years
  • Blue-green Algae Resistant1: Yes


  • ASTM D3462
  • ASTM D3018
  • ASTM D7158 – Class H
  • ASTM D3161 – Class F
  • ASTM E108 – Class A
  • FM 4473 – Class 42
  • CSA A123.5

To ensure complete satisfaction, please view several full size shingles and an actual roof installation prior to final colour selection as the shingle swatches and photography shown online, in brochures and in IKO’s app may not accurately reflect shingle colour, and do not fully represent the entire colour blend range, nor the impact of sunlight.
*This is not a guarantee of impact resistance against hail and is not covered under the limited warranty.
¹See Limited Warranty at for complete terms, conditions, restrictions and application requirements. Shingles must be applied in accordance with application instructions and local building code requirements.
²This impact rating is solely for the purpose of enabling residential property owners to obtain a reduction in their residential insurance premium, if available. It is not to be construed as any type of express or implied warranty or guarantee of the impact performance of this shingle by the manufacturer, supplier or installer. For further detail concerning the FM 4473 standards, see [‑test‑standard‑impact‑resistance/wppa_open] (current as of 6/22/16).
³All values shown are approximate.
⁴Products developed with reference to these Standards.
NOTE: Product and colour availability may vary by region. The information in this literature is subject to change without notice. We assume no responsibility for errors that may appear in this literature.

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