Health & Safety

For more than 15 years, Roof Centre’s safety vision has promoted that working conditions must be clean, orderly and safe. The company continues to stand by that principle for all employees, customers and visitors at its facilities in the Okanagan Valley.

Passion for our Industry

We are passionate about protecting people, property and the environment. Our safety principles translate into a safety vision for the corporation that commits Roof Centre to being a leader in health and safety by creating an injury-free workplace.

Our philosophy at Roof Centre

Our philosophy at Roof Centre is that incidents and injuries are preventable. An incident is the end result of a unique chain of events and conditions. The role of all our employees is to foresee these acts and eliminate them before they occur. We have a fully developed dedicated Health & Safety team that have created comprehensive safety programs and practices. Job training and positive feedback are essential. Employees receive comprehensive training on the safe way to approach daily work activities and are supported by our Health & Safety team for their accomplishments.

Management believes safety is everyone’s responsibility

The focused objective of sales and production do not in any way diminish the importance the company places on safety as a measure of excellence. We all must consider safety in every task we perform and in every decision. Our management team at Roof Centre strives to ensure the safety of our fellow employees, customers contractors, visitors and the communities in which Roof Centre operates. Our on-going monitoring of our work sites support our employees working in compliance with our safety standards, OH&S and Worksafe Provincial boards across Canada to truly achieve and exceed our safety culture.

Roof Centre’s leading priority is Health & Safety

Safety is a key indicator of organizational excellence. Our vision is to be the leader in Health & Safety by creating an injury-free safe environment within our industry. A safe environment encourages employee morale, high productivity and minimal product defects making Roof Centre the supplier of choice in Canada.

Roof Centre, Safety First Logo. Smart, Alert, Focused and Educated.